Monday, 21 November 2016

Colour Mixing on a Crumb - Week Forty-Seven

Running stitch
Kantha stitch
Quilt stitch
Do you remember being told that the best quilt stitch
would be ten stitches to the inch...
...or was it more?

Certainly no perfection here
but quite a few crosses or near crosses on top of crosses!


  1. Colour blending is always fun, isn't it!

  2. I love these colors. They warm up my day that has begun at the below freezing level.

  3. Very soothing.
    Do you have a preference on your threads you use?

  4. Looking lovely. Soothing work. I'm in a panic trying to get my small gifts done, counted how many I need and I need more!! Will be glad when Christmas is over. I seem to be so slow these days.

  5. Thank you, as always, for sharing your beautiful work in a few brief words and images. No, I don't remember anything about 10 inches quilt stitch and I would have a hard time doing that without a whole lot of practice. I never learned to quilt by hand but It can't be hard. Just need to be rid of my back grace so I can bend over to look at my work as I sew without having to rest my chin on the top of the center metal piece. I guess I might try it this week and see if I want to do embroiery now or wait until I can do without the brace for at least part of the day.

    Thank you for sharing your artwork.

  6. Ten stitches to the inch? One more reason I'll never be a sane quilter.

  7. Yes I remember holding the teeny tiny 'between' needle, thinking "I can barely hold onto this needle....and you want me to get HOW many stitches on it?" ....."AND go through 3 layers??" I admire the women who can, but I am on the 'can't' list.

    Give me a sturdy needle, fat, fun thread, and I go to town. I have used pearl cottons as quilting threads and ....gasp....crochet threads too!

    Really like the close up shot of all of the threads, yours and the fabrics.


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