Monday, 7 November 2016

Marking Cloth and Canvas - Week Forty-Four

An old family napkin
marked with stitch

A not so old painter's drop cloth
marked in play

Even when painting I can't get away from 
simple shapes
soft greys and browns
and of course
marks that could be stitches

Not so many layers of colours here
but what I learnt
was that I prefer the marks to be a lighter value
rather than darker

An old acrylic painting completely covered
then marks were made by
scraping into the top layer of oils.

I'm trying to teach myself to paint with oils
Exploring mark making with oils
Most of the time I end up with mud!

I am still a stitcher!


  1. I think the trick with oils is not to include too many colours in your mixes - no more than two, to begin with at least. Enjoy your experiments!

  2. Awesome, evocative, inspiring paintings!

  3. Thank you for sharing your paintings here. I was wondering what they would be like - and they are so nice Penny!

  4. I love all you share with us, pictures, crumbs, hand stitching, painting. These particular type of painting reminds me of a Paul Klee's artwork I saw in a museum in Berne.

  5. I particularly like the last three paintings, they remind me of Karine L├ęger

  6. Other people can work with oils, here and there, and some do it well...but I just LOVE your stitches...and hardly anyone can stitch as creatively as you....

  7. scraping away to make marks...i really like that.

    personally, i get great joy from flinging paint, aim the brush and the paint fly.


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