Friday 2 December 2016

Fallstreak Cloud Formation

As we walked the dyke one Sunday afternoon
this cloud formation was right overhead.
I have never seen anything like this
but Bonnie Baker, a local artist,
also spied it and knew it's name.
A Fallstream Cloud Formation.

What tickles me pink 
is that it also has a cross going through it
and for me this year is the year of the cruciform.

So now my aim is to stitch that amazing sky
onto this soft grey
cotton dyed in tea and rust.
Perhaps an indigo would be more appropriate
but I don't often do blue.


  1. What a gift you were given to see this miraculous formation. Now I can't wait to see how you translate it into stitch -- I know it will be well worth waiting for...

  2. that is really an odd formation. we get odd formations often over mt. rainier. and shadows it casts at sunrise.

    maybe try using washable watercolor paint, in blue, to swish onto the see if you want to use blue?? watercolor makes that darker edge like in the photo. but then how to stitch it? i mean, how would you stitch "watercolor"???

  3. Nature has given you a beautiful challenge and your fabric choice is calling you...this will be quite an interesting ride!

  4. since you love the sky, too, you might want to know about the cloud appreciation society. i've been a member for many's asks nothing much of the membership and you get an occasional newsletter. and cloud pictures.


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