Friday, 3 May 2013

May Meanderings


We spied the tiny May flowers on May Day

Diane and I decided to wrap rocks
and leave them in the stream for a week.
You might remember my dismal lack of success at tree wrapping....
I don't hold out much hope for colouring in the stream
but at least it will be tannin soaked.

Rusty Pup Kayla promised to keep an eye on our wrappings!

Signs of Spring are popping up everywhere.

There is a haze of red buds all over the mountain.
Love that colour combination of rusty brown and winter grey.

Buds are plumping up the tips of trees as they reach for the sky.


  1. here happy
    curious about the rock deye

  2. It's good to see Spring on its way at last!

  3. Penny, would you kindly contact me privately via the "email me" button on my blog? I have a question to ask you about the "tree wrapping" link and can't seem to find an email button to contact you here.

    Thank you!


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