Monday, 29 April 2013

Stitch Scratch

Where does the time go?
At my age time is no longer on my side!
Can hardly believe April is nearly over.

Perhaps if I stitch bold orange
things might warm up around here

Didn't work!

Looking back through 16 year old sketchbooks
found this bird woman surrounded by marks.
Can't remember if I loved her then
but I love her now.

Monster on the dyke

Seven of us got together at the art centre
working on a group project.
And then on Sunday
Lo and behold the sun came out!


  1. Penny I love your bird woman too.
    I am in complete sympathy with your horror of the monster on the dike.
    sometimes change is heart breaking.
    Happy week and hoping for warmth!

  2. I love to come here and see how very creative you are with stitches. Thank you for sharing such wonderful inspiration!

  3. You've turned your monster on the dyke into a rather interesting, spindly fellow - and the advantage of stitching him is that there's no noise! Love the orange - it warmed me up, even if it had no effect on the weather!

  4. the orange was for us of course
    the abdication of our queen


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