Tuesday 7 May 2013

Spring Clean-up

I sorted and folded all my rusted

and natural dyed cloth

Lovely gentle colours.

Then a surprise
Three leaves printed side by side in the same dye bath
yes three completely different colours.

Are you like me?
I never get to finish a spring clean-up
A colour or a stitch or a scrap
always calls to me
and off I go in search of other bits and pieces that might help give it a voice!


  1. Natural dyeing always seems to produce surprises...!

  2. ...now you know why the Argonauts had such a hard time sailing past the sirens!!

    ...all those LOVELY voices :-)

    x C

  3. I am very interested in learning how to dye with leaves like this....can you recommend a good resource for info? Thank you :)

  4. Oh yes, defintely, that's me too! If I was to follow all the little byways that beckon me off the path of clearing out, I'd never surface to do anything!

  5. I am easily distracted as well when I put my hands into my stash and my experiments, and this has nothing to do with getting older and not remembering what I am supposed to do!


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