Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Few Birds and One Critter We Crossed Paths with Yesterday

As we sipped our morning coffee
he sat and called his mate
after each call he would puff up his chest.
She called back and swooshed through the trees.
After ages, he dropped out of sight into the stream
and it looked like he flew off with a catch
up to where the female was.
We believe we know where they have built a nest.
Trouble is all our regular bird visitors have disappeared.

The RP's and I spied Harry the Heron down on the dike....

....and a very ordinary seagull but he must have an admirer somewhere!

One Rusty Pup Oblivious to Mr. Fox standing right behind her!


  1. Funny, the RP and the fox have the same pose. We have a Cooper that lives near but I don't know where. I keep searching for the nest the Crows have made in a stand of Pines but can't spy it. Hopefully the birds are gone from fear and not because they were food!

  2. what a spectacular picture of Rusty Pup and Mr. Fox - both looking at the photographer!

  3. I note that Rusty Pup is stood right where the sunshine will bring out the best in his coat!


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