Monday 6 May 2013

Scratching around in Bushes

Hanging amid forsythia blooms

and lazing around on the deck

Sun glorious sun

Blood tests

Diane and I walked through the woods and down the stream
we wrapped rocks with wool, cotton, linen and silk
and left six bundles in the stream.
We'll leave them there for about a week.

Scraps from the cutting room floor!

It's amazing what you find when you decide it's time for a spring clean

More scraps...
but what I should have stitched was the pair of merlin
that have taken over the woods
and scared away all other birds.
Merlin are very vocal when they decide to settle down.


  1. That forsythia makes a wonderful frame for your scratchings!

  2. Love your sun and what you did with those scraps. I love scraps too, and I often find them to be more interesting that what I was trying to cut out! :)

  3. A glorious sun - not unlike tree rings. Nice to have hawks, but too bad the other birds have gone away.

  4. That sun and dancing sun worshiper are both great!


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