Monday, 13 May 2013

A Week Scratched for Mothers

Stepping back and looking at a week scratched.

Time to get the gardening tools out
and when we're not gardening
 we're listening and watching the antics
of our happy pair of Merlin.

Couching all those strings used for tying up bundles
My favourite for this week.
An important family week this week.

Beautiful tulips arrived from second son Brett...Thank you son!

So I stitched tulips.
And then stitched an ode to Judy!

Happy Mothers Day.


  1. A good week, then - the tulips came out well, didn't they!

  2. As always, enjoy seeing your it's scratching now?
    best, nadia

  3. Ha... love the wheelbarrow and merlin feather!

  4. Love the couched threads and the frayed fabrics.....and the tulips!

  5. an absolutely wonderful week of scratching! i have to agree with you, i adore the couched threads!!!


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