Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring Munchkins!

Drove up the valley to take a tapestry weaving course
with the lovely Pia
but before we settled down we had to go and see her newborns

Two days old

Staying close to Mama

Calm and woolly mothers

Sniffing us strangers

So many textures on such a tiny thing

One little munchkin kept us company in the kitchen.
My indoors photos weren't very good
I had to show you the dog's face watching
from behind protective legs!


  1. Wonderful textures for your scratchings.... so cute!

  2. If ever I saw a "What on earth?" on a furry face, that dog is it!

  3. so cute, and so black, love the way their tails waggle as they feed..

  4. So precious! And those little pink ears! Ahhh...

  5. Precious was the word that came to mind for me too! The picture with the dog made me laugh. I have one that my aunt took with a baby lamb nose to nose with their dog through a sliding glass door. The lamb was on the inside.

  6. Just found your lovely blog. Your work is really wonderful, and we share a love of nature and stitching. Looking forward to seeing more :)

  7. I think the dog is just a tiny bit jealous of the lambie getting the bottle. So cute!


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