Monday, 8 April 2013

Starting April Scratched

Placed in a beautiful dish

Harry arrived on April Fool's Day

A sink hole appeared in our driveway over the culvert.

The black ducks are back
and the beaver too.
Everyone is busying themselves with springtime activities
despite the freezing cold!

Drove to Oak Island for the Fibre Art Retreat.
Funny how some lakes are still frozen and others clear.
An eagle kept an eye on me from up above.

Some of us visited Mahone Bay and it's famous view of the three churches.

Weavers, spinners, quilters, tatters, lace makers and knitters
gathered at round tables working and chatting.


  1. i can't tell you how pleased i've been to see you continue your daily scratchings this year. it was such a joy last year to watch evolve and grow. how lucky we all are to get another year this pleasure!

  2. The Fibre Art Retreat sounds like a wonderful adventure -- I'll bet your mind is reeling with new ideas.

    1. Today my mind is mush from over-stimulation!

  3. Your scratchings are getting more and more beautiful every month. Gorgeous stitching.

    1. Thank you, Marie. Glad to have you drop by!

  4. A good start to April, then - apart from the sinkhole..

  5. Wonderful... there is so much mud in the driveway all of a sudden, that I'm afraid I might sink even without a sinkhole! Hope that got solved easily. Glad to see the new scratchings.

    Ha. I think you'll appreciate my robot word today - bbeastie!

  6. Those round tables and all the symbolize are simple magic.

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