Monday, 22 April 2013

Thread Scratchings

It's been a cold, cold week

For Monday four blue lines and one pink
That's me and my four guys flowing through life side by side.
Woven strips for Tuesday's weaving at Pia's.

A day of making marks in the studio with Diane.

Quilt guild meeting...
They made triangles and I rummaged around for discarded scraps.

Last night the peepers gathered at the pond...
A lovely summery noise despite it still feeling like winter.

Finally, a warm wind from the South
unfortunately it came with a lot of rain.
So now we are wallowing in water.

There is other work going on

building stitches upon stitches on a discharged cotton.


  1. Always interesting to see how you interpret your days with stitches....I especially like your words, " That's me and my four guys flowing through life side by side". Our family have been celebrating our son's 25th birthday with a dinner tonight and we are thankful that his thoughts and experiences are shared with us.

  2. Beautiful as always! Its so much fun to make your life's trip with you through your stitchery.

  3. Loved the blue/pink lines flowing through life together. You are quite blessed (in so many ways). My two off-spring would be in floating, separate their own worlds.

  4. Penny, the peepers here are SO LOUD right now, I am often forced to wear earplugs to sleep! These stitches building, well, they are intriguing ... I look forward to their story.


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