Monday, 15 April 2013

Lazy Scratcher!

Stitched scratchings for last week
.....a little bit late in the day
all because things are a bit slow today.

Spring has come to the pond.
lots of activity from heron, ducks, muskrats and the beaver.
My scratchings attempted to record
the disturbed water surface.

Learning tapestry weaving
and true signs of spring...
lambs in Pia's Paddock 
and her kitchen too.

The robins are back bouncing around the garden

Weaving is on my mind!

Much to my dismay Winter returned on Saturday.
On Sunday our little band of golfers and wives partied....
.....That's why I'm slow today!


  1. Winter came back here, too! Love the lamb scratching :)

  2. It seems the slowness is in a good cause! Love your embroidered weaving..

  3. I love your little embroidered golfers. I just finished stitching a piece for a friend, and I struggled with how to stitch the figures. Wish I'd seen this first! Hang in there - it will warm up soon :)

  4. Doesn't look very lazy to me! Really neat, Penny!


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