Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Little Things That Brighten Up A Winter's Day


Red beauty brightening up a winter's day

Knowing there was a storm coming

he munched on sunflower seeds most of the afternoon

and the chickadees darted from feeder to bush
tapping at sunflower shells until they released their fleshy seeds.


  1. I always, always try to look for those 'little' things -- they make up the tapestry of my life and I don't want to miss a single one.

  2. WOW what a beauty that cardinal is .....
    (Ha, feeling a bit like him, because I just bought
    a fire truck red jacket of my favourite designer
    today and matching tights ;-) !)

  3. Penny, that bright little darling took my breath away! good shot! happy new year, sus

  4. How funny, for some reason i thought of you and red cardinals today, that photo is a stunner.

  5. I love how cardinals are so vivid on a snowy day, and also a rainy day. Their pop of color always delights.
    Happy New Year.

  6. That flash of scarlet against the grey - gorgeous!

  7. startling red of cardinals are like winter candies! so beautiful. snowing tonight here, too.

  8. How I wish the cardinals would visit our feeder, but I have yet to see one. We did have a red-tail hawk perched on the balcony railing the other day (DH saw it and never thought to get a picture...argh).

  9. The red beauty is an eye catcher, will he find his way into your scratchings?
    Happy New Year Penny.

  10. How beautiful! I've never seen one at our feeders. People tell me they do come here but I've never been so lucky as to see one.

  11. Love your winter photos, Penny !
    Happy 2013 !


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