Monday 31 December 2012

2012 Scratched

A Christmassy Week

Hope your stockings were filled to the brim

and that Christmas day was spent in the warm embrace of family.
For us it was our first Christmas without any of our boys around
but so full of friends
and enjoyable FaceTime!

The pheasants came to feast on our abundant seed banquet
and then the snow started

One of my favourite books is "The History of Writing"
ancient scratchings fascinate me

For today, December 31, 2012,
I took all my scraps of thread and finished them

2012 has been a lovely, lovely year

I had planned on photographing the whole year ourside
but the winds are blowing.

I hope 2012 was good for you too

and here's wishing that 2013 is magnificent

Every year I try and stay awake to welcome in the New Year
Every year I fail miserably!


  1. Penny, best wishes to you for the new year...your way of recording the days is so inspiring, and beautiful...

    1. Happy New Year back at you Suzanna....Love the Peacable Lion.

  2. Oh, wow, Penny! Love how you've finished up this project and photographed it in a spiral. Such a cool project! Wishing you a New Year full of many more stitching adventures!
    best, nadia

  3. I wish you everything good for 2013. I've so enjoyed watching your scratchings - what a marvellous record of the year.

  4. I LOVE your annual scrolls, hope you plan to do one in the new year. Your embroidery is the best. Happy New Year to you, Penny!

  5. that spiral is so much more evocative of time spent, of thoughts turning inward and learning outward, than any shot of a scroll in the snow :)

  6. I wonder - will the scratching continue in 2013? It's an amazing thing you've done with this project Penny. It's destined to be a heirloom and I'm sure a hundred years from now it will be studied and marveled over. Happy 2013!

  7. Wonderful record of a year spent and as Arlee said photographing it in a spiral is so evocative of the thought and movement of time.

  8. Happy new year, my friend! A tad early, but like you, I doubt that I'll stay awake until the strike of midnight! I wish you many happy and creative scratching a in 2013. As for your 2012 spiral, it pulls at my heart! You know how much I love sprals and this one is absolutely magnificent!

  9. I think that is my favourite way of seeing your *scratchings* displayed....a beautiful spiral....glorious stitching. It has been so much fun watching this all evolve over the past year and how it has GROWN so huge, and so full of memories, that otherwise might have been forgotten.

    Wishing you another year of wonders! A year of happiness and good health and of course creativity.

    Jacky xox

  10. Almost sad to see this end!! SO amazing :) I love how you used up threads and the spiral is just right. I love how the colorations flow and move through the year! So beautiful. May you have another wonderful year!

  11. It's been amazing watching your year roll on...thanks for sharing.

  12. what a delightful and inspiring journey of stitch you have taken this past year! and how very lucky we have been that you have shared it with us! thank you!

    may your new year be inspired!!

  13. love the way you documented 2012. there's something so comforting looking at these photos. and scratchings - yes - me, too. fascinated. ordered the book you mentioned (thank you) because it speaks to a project i'm working on, stitching the unexpected drawings of my 53 year old developmentally disabled sister-in-law. are they drawings? writing? is she telling a story? expressing her feelings? does it matter? i don't think so, either.

  14. I am totally in awe of your scratchings, I could study & absorb the textures, stitches, & colours for ages. What is It about a spiral that appeals to us so?

  15. The spiralled layout of scratchings is fabulous - love it!

  16. That is stunning! The soft colours work so beautifully in that spiral. I really love it and can't get enough of the individual pictures!


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