Wednesday, 23 January 2013


They swoop down  from the tops of trees
and we hear the alarm calls of smaller birds.
Sometimes they are successful
more often not.

Such a harsh season of the year


  1. I see the same around here with the ked kites and buzzards. Small birds, rabbits...

    ...and thrown-away cartons from KFC....... Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    Your snow looks lovely too. We had even more last night. drifts of over 2 feet now. Bloke has more digging to do....

    x C

  2. Harsh but beautiful... And however sympathetic you are are to the prey animal, there's still something special about watching a raptor swoop down.

  3. Yellow legs so is it a kestral or a sparrow hawk?
    I was watching much the same today whilst at work.........outside our window......the snow thawing I guess brought him out to feast.

  4. It looks like Winter Wonderland, I can't comprehend that much snow. Today's temp here, 37c. Too Hot!
    An amazing photo of the bird....Hawk?

  5. i love that it's hard to hunt, eat; evens up the score, somehow, and you know, everybody eats somebody.


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