Friday, 25 January 2013

Wintry Layers and Discovered Games

Walking through our unruly woods
the Rusty Pups and I found
Wintry layers

a snow capped burl

Summery remnants swaying by the stream

We watched the stream still flowing beneath icy coverings

Rusty Pup, Shandy, discovered a new game...
drop a tennis ball in the stream...
then try and retrieve it without diving in and before it disappears beneath the ice.

Luckily she retrieved it each time.
If she hadn't
she would have looked at me with those big sad eyes
and expected me to do something about it!

Snow on ice on water...
More layers
from a very cold tangled woods!


  1. Our dogs find the funniest creative ways to entertain us, don't they.
    xx, Carol

  2. Lovely to see the burnt sienna of the RPs against the whites and greys of the woodland..

  3. Love the face in the second photo...

    ...a wrinkled critter sucking in his cheeks :-)

    ...and love the RP too of course!!

    x C

  4. I like so much your work, I'm following now
    kisses from Argentina ♥

  5. I would have been so afraid RP would have fallen in with the ball! Brrrrr - that would have been a cold dip.


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