Monday 17 December 2012

I'm Late, I'm Late ....

A week recorded.
Photographed very late last night
so apologies for the quality. 

Remembering the sight of that heron swooping over the rusty pups.

For Tuesday that is supposed to be Handy Hubby flying
back home over the Atlantic.
The big circle is supposed to be the London Eye
Not too good!
On  Wednesday Judy's 'Heart to Heart' returned in the mail
and she included this lovely stripy thread.

On Thursday this doodle got stranger and stranger
with every stitch!

This morning we wrapped Christmas presents and packaged them into parcels for the boys.
After stitching joyful parcels the airwaves filled with tragedy.
With a heavy heart twenty stars for those little innocents
and six stars for their devoted teachers were added.

Finding comfort in the trees that surround me.

In this creative community
the Christmas musical events have started.


  1. Thoughtful, lovely scratchings. The warm background is comforting.

    1. Through this process, I learning a lot about my preferences on background colours.

  2. I like your London Eye - I think it works well. And I like your dedication to truth in stitching scratches for events both happy and sad. Hard to do, but worthwhile.

    1. Nearly unstitched my parcels and started again.

  3. O Penny, always a joy to "read" your scratchings !!!

  4. WHAT a week. beautifully rendered.


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