Tuesday 11 December 2012

Have All the Heron's Gone?

Surprising how some apples still cling on.
We met a man on the dike gathering fallen apples.
He said it was for feeding the deer who visit his place.
What he didn't say is that he probably shoots those deer.
I hope the deer keep away.

Another damaged tree.

Towards the end of our walk the rising sun turned the sky red

and it's rays travelled westward over the basin warming the woods behind my house.
That's not my house by the way
Mine is back in the woods.

Nowadays I walk with my head down against the wind.
At one point on the walk I realized a very large bird was sailing along beside me
about ten feet away.
He travelled past me and then swooped down over the RP's
I thought he was the biggest hawk I'd ever seen
but then realized it was a heron just saying hello to the pups.
The first heron I've seen in weeks.
According to Nature Nova Scotia the herons
are gathering on our southernmost tip and are leaving for the winter.
Funny that last year we had Harry the Heron hang around until February.
Do you think they know something we don't?


  1. Do you think you have some wild weather coming?

  2. A lovely walk with you this morning - thank you. Everyone in our area (North Carolina) is talking about a bad (meaning snow) winter this year. So far this has been a very mild December -- I think I'll be hunkering down come January.

    1. I'll take all the balmy weather I can! I've been wondering when I'll have to switch to midday walks 'cos the mornings are a bit crisp and dark nowadays.

  3. Oh yes ma'am i do believe they know a little more about the weather than we do....i'm sure they feel in their bones!! Hugs! deb

    1. Hey, I feel it in my bones too...The arthritis acts up more at this time of year!

  4. even when we had REAL winters, a few herons stayed around. now, not so much, but i haven't seen one for ages anyway.


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