Wednesday 12 December 2012

Company for Tea

Making a pot of tea
I glanced up
and saw him right there outside the window

He was there in the pouring rain
Never seen one so close to the house in broad daylight.
He knew every time I moved!

There was a flurry when he flew towards the window
and back onto another branch.
They have quite a wingspan don't they.
I enjoyed his company and forgot about tea!


  1. Glorious! I have never seen an owl, except in the zoo. We do have a Screech Owl in the area. I have heard him but no sighting. Thanks for sharing yours!
    xx, Carol

  2. Wow! I would have forgot the tea and everything else too. Thats just amazing! What an experience to treasure! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Fabulous! I would have been awestruck - the tea kettle would have blown its top while I stood still watching this beautiful creature.

  4. It's a wonderful sight to see. I see owls sometimes in the woods, but once we had a barred owl in the tree in our backyard. I got a couple pics, and it was so exciting.

  5. Oh my. Just a few days ago I was sitting in the rocking chair in the middle of the night, looking out down the hill in the dark. Suddenly a large owl flew up the hill right up past the window. It's so exciting to see these beauties.

  6. He's gorgeous - and paying such close attention!

  7. Wow wow, I would have been thrilled with that too. It's beautiful!

  8. Lucky ducky!! I've been painting owls all day :)

    I used to have a barred owl neighbor who came all the time and sat on a branch outside my window. It was hard to get anything done when she was here, so, I can relate to you forgetting about your tea! She would even stay there when the cats and I would wander around outside stacking wood. She snoozed in the sushine and opened an eye every so often when we passed. I miss her.

  9. Well that is a beautiful sight, this Owl. I would have forgot the tea, too! -sus

  10. How lucky to see an owl during the day. When we moved to this house 29 years ago we would often see an owl perching near the street light out the front of our place. But over the years the sightings have been rare, until about a week ago, when one evening my husband called me and told me to look out at the power line and there was an owl.
    We are in an area that is well treed, but new housing estates have taken the place of paddocks and of course there has been a loss of vegetation. Thank you for the photos.

  11. It's so easy to see how we associate wisdom with owls. Such a face...

  12. " Owl:
    Owl is the Mystery of silent wisdom, heightened vision and hearing and the ability to pinpoint subtleties of motives, actions and people. He teaches the power of silence and contemplation and the balance of waiting and acting. When action is taken it is swift and exacting. Owl teaches the ability to extract secrets from within, so listen carefully. He also aids in clearing deceptions - within and without. Are you trusting your instincts about people? Are you listening to your surroundings? Do you have patience? Owl has much wisdom in teaching how to see and sense the world around you along with determination and patience in waiting for the opportune moment. "

    Lucky you that you noticed him ... these owls are beautiful, especially their dark eyes !


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