Monday, 15 October 2012

Scratched This Week

We started the week with Thanksgiving
followed by two days of just trying stitches
Then a windy, windy day

and the herons were back at the pond.

The coyotes were howling not far away
on our early morning walk.
The RP's and I walked a bit faster back along the dike than usual!

We lit the first fire of the season.
It's wet and windy
The leaves are falling
so I played with leaves.

Leaves of every colour are falling to the ground

Some are salmon in colour

but none are striped like this!
That's the trouble with variegated threads I find.

Sometimes it is the dullest that I like the most.


  1. Lovely scratchings! I too am drawn to the muted colors - subdued and mixed so that I really have to look to realize their beauty.

  2. Those herons are lovely - a real demonstration of how the simplest of lines can come to life!

    1. Yup just trying to keep the stitching simple

  3. Love your herons and the coyotes are so quirky. I often visit here but leave speechless as your work is beyond words.

    1. Hey 're you doing! I leave your blog full of admiration for all the work you are doing fr others.

  4. I too love the herons, and the leaves!

    1. So much more beautiful in real life aren't they.

  5. Beautiful variety of stitches in your leaves and love the colours.
    Also what stunning photos of the rainbows in your previous post.


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