Monday, 22 October 2012

A Week Gone By and Scratched

This week took up a lot of fabric and thread

Days are getting shorter
Nights are closing in

Tuesday felt like a patchwork kind of a day

That red berry lying on the path
got me thinking grey and red

First frost was on Thursday
Boy it was cold on the dike
my finger tips never warmed up

Just playing on Friday

On Saturday we fulfilled our civic duty
in Municipal Elections

A pair of mallards frolicked in the pond.
I was going to fill the background with long grasses
but ran out of time!


  1. Do you go back to places on the banner and remember what you were thinking and what the stitching represents? The banner is certainly journaling at its best.
    xx, Carol

  2. Always fascinating to see what you choose to depict!

  3. Wow, what a lot of stitching for one week! Fab!

  4. Its always fun to see the pictures and then later see how you translate them into scratchings.

  5. I always love seeing this long cloth of days. Will you go back and add the grasses or do you call it done at week's end?

  6. I stand in awe of your project. Love how you translate your week (activities, seasons) into stitching. And I suppose the biggest challenge is to keep at it day in day out. Bravo!
    best, nadia

  7. I have kept a diary for years (since 1967 - a centennial project I undertook in school) but I have to say I like your version better!


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