Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pink is the Colour of the Morning Sun

The moon was still high in the sky
as the sun appeared behind me

Small whisps of cloud clung to the marshland across the basin

And morning dew clung to fragile spiders webs

As usual I stopped to admire my favourite rusty post

Back in the studio I doodled another piece of bark.
A bit of a mess
there are some shapes in there worth exploring.


  1. what a splendid colors
    what great doodling
    can't wait to see it translated in stitch

  2. Beautiful colors -- you've captured a lovely dawn. That rusty spot would be my favorite place also.

  3. Your title had me singing Donovan's 'Colors'...different color, same beautiful feel of the morn!
    Love the web with a view.
    I thought you were drawing rust! Ha! Either way, great doodle :)

  4. Last night we had a big harvest moon - not quite full, but glowing pumpkin orange. So pretty!


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