Monday, 1 October 2012

A Fortnight of Scratchings

Remembering Flower Pot Island

and driving down the Bruce Peninsular in the rain

and the day Brett and I stood atop a dam
as Mark donned his waders and fished

Then a day of travel
by car
then the shortest ferry ride in the world
and plane
and finally car again.
All followed by days of Internet problems...Grrrr!

The heron (who looks more like a dragon!) tried to land at the pond
but Rusty Pups chased him away
I felt bad that I hadn't seen him sooner and controlled those terrible pups!
The next day represents me trying to get back to the rhythm of life.

Two days of just playing with blanket stitch and open chain stitch

Circles remembering that foggy sunrise
Oh, yes, and I'm so glad to be working on a new
strip of colour...was rather bored with all that pink.

Apologies for the quality of photos
I was taking them late at night under my kitchen lights 
and right next to shiny pots and pans.
Perhaps I'm not quite back in the rhythm yet.


  1. The heron is wonderful. After all, there used to be flying reptiles - pterodactyls!

  2. No apologies necessary -- these are wonderful. Its lovely to be able to follow your life through your stitcheries. I especially like the fishing one where you were up on the bank - wonderful pictorial.

  3. the heron could very well be a dragon.

    i was out chatting with a neighbor when something caught my eye. a heron flying over the trees. a truly awesome sight! the neighbor had not a clue what i was speechless about. so sad.

  4. Thanks for the story snippets!

  5. I love the little people you stitch. They always bring a smile and call for a closer look. I think I'm going to stitch some on one of my CQ blocks.
    xx, Carol

  6. I never cease to be amazed at how you are able to weave the story of your life into your scratchings. I think there should be a book in these, just waiting to be written.


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