Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Mushroomy Time of Year

They are popping up everywhere.
Some made up with row upon row of chain stitches

Others neatly arranged in lines of stem stitch

Some are enormous
...at least eight inches high
on long legs

Some are bright with crusty bits

and others are tiny legged bobbles

Never seen this black 'thing' before
Pretty ugly I think

And then I smiled at my beautiful Rudbeckia 
Obviously embarrassed at finding
herself in the presence of mushrooms and fungi!


  1. Oh those are sweet! I love seeing fungi growing at this time of year. So much variety and colour.

  2. I have never seen that many varieties of mushrooms. Some people look down when walking in the woods...that's you. Some look up...that's me. I see all the activity in the trees, but bet I miss so much on the ground. Funny that I made that comparison. I always said that about my dogs too. Jack looked up, but Junior knows every movement on the ground.
    Be well
    xx, Carol

  3. There's such a huge range of textures in the fungi, isn't there!

  4. Its a mushroom party out there! I'm heading out to check on my rudbeckia to see how they are fairing the intrusion, wouldn't want them to feel too much like wallflowers.

  5. Perhaps a series of mushroom stitcheries is in your future -- what you could do with needle, thread and all that texture.

  6. I can't help it. I KNOW they are fascinating, so I can look for a moment. But, truthfully, mushroom give me the creeps :)

  7. ...and some are even rusty-pup-coloured!!!

    I love mushrooms....all sorts of them....

    ...I've just put some dried cepes in to soak for the casserole tonight.....

    ..otherworldly things :-)

  8. ...and....so sorry....

    ...I didn't get to see ANY quilts at Ste Marie-aux-Mines.

    Most of the exhibitions were a distance from the commercial area...and not open early or late.

    I've seen a couple of blog posts though...so therefore quilts through other folks' camera lenses! :-)

  9. I love mushrooms, I could look at them for a long time. Mysterious, as you never know if behind that beauty poison is concealed, and esthetically perfect. You pictures got the essence of them all.
    Stitching mushrooms, perhaps?

  10. Just think of all the wee folk dancing under those mushroom caps!


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