Thursday, 20 January 2011

Winter Foraging

The big guy on the left brought along two younger lads to nibble at the high bush cranberries that grow along the stream..

Always alert to movement in the house, especially rusty pup barks.

Females heading for the wild rose bush that they like to nibble on.

Hoping to find a forgotten and by now frozen runner bean.
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  1. they are so beautiful. if you were closer i'd send off a bag of runner beans, i have them to spare. k.

  2. Beautiful deer. They look as though they know you.

  3. How exhilarating to look out and see them!

    We have a standing April Fool joke at my house. Before our area grew up, we had deer wandering around and occasionally one would come to the yard. By the time I could respond to calls to come see, they would be gone. The first time I went out to see tracks because I knew it was a joke. Now every April Fool my husband or daughter call me to see the deer.

  4. Its something to survive on trees and berries through the arctic blasts of winter! I do hope a frozen runner bean or two were found...We are coated in magical ice, I might just have to do another post soon to share the crystalline world.

  5. Lucky you, you can watch them.............

  6. Lovely and such cooperative models! What happens to your garden in the spring/summer? Do they nibble the flowers, not to mention the produce?

  7. Setting an idyllic scene Penny! we had a beautfiul day skiing today- crystalline sky, sun, glistening white slopes - really beautiful. Gilly


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