Monday, 17 January 2011

Ode to Rust

When I took a Miksang photography course, 
the last thing I expected was to be told "no nature photographs".
We were sent into town and had to find inspiration among the bricks and mortar of civilization.
Started off wondering if I would learn anything in an environment I wasn't interested in.

What I learned was not to be so close minded and just look.
Walk down main street and simply look for one design element such as line or texture.
When focussing on one element, it starts jumping out at you from every nook and cranny.

The process was to walk, look, and observe my reactions to what I was seeing....
Stop when something caught my eye....
and consider what exactly I had reacted to.

Then click away without trying to create a composition.....
....That was difficult.
Being a rustaholic I photographed all the rust in town.
But I did find other bits and pieces ....... more to come.

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  1. Gorgeous. What an intersting assignment. ~ Suzanne

  2. Rust is constantly amazing. I'm really fascinated by the details in buildings too. And cracks in pavement where, ummm..., nature has crept in.

  3. as they say, rust never sleeps, and it's really a diamond of a thing to study

  4. I especially like the second photo...Did the rusty pups get to go along on the adventure?

  5. I am still smiling at Suzanne asking if the rusty pups came along for the assignment! They are country town on leashes would have been utter chaos with no chance of photography!

  6. What great textures. I'm heading out with my camera to find some of my own to recreate in felt. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love rust. Opening your eyes to other what you are used to seeing or photography is a useful leesson for everyone to learmn. it is something l tell all my students. These images are great. lynda

  8. oh forgot to ask what was the photography course...didn't know the name? thanksx lynda

  9. Rust and tree bark are two of the most fascinating things - never ending diversity . Great photos!


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