Wednesday, 19 January 2011


A favourite of mine...not composed I promise...just as it was.
Here's a description of Miksang that I found on the web.  So much better than my feeble attempt at describing it.

Miksang, at its most basic level, is concerned with uncovering the truth of pure perception. We see something vivid and penetrating, and in that moment we can express our perception without making anything up—nothing added, nothing missing. Totally honest about what we see—straight shooting. 

Doors carved in much more than the doors in my home.

A wall with hundreds of repair scars and obviously in need of more.

Rust glow.

Thinking that's enough man made things for now...back to stitching and nature!
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  1. Very interesting lesson in photography and philosophy! The camera should be an extension of your eye and your mind. Perhaps I'll try this style when the weather warms up a little. I'm always interested in the texture of things and have been known to take shots of odd little vignettes.

  2. Beautiful textural surfaces. I love the carved door from Thailand....

  3. Aaaaah ... would like to touch the screen!!!!

  4. Contemplative photography - interesting concept and stunning in translation. Thanks for the link to explain it!

  5. Amazing concept, I would like to know more. The idea of perceptive photographing fascinates me, if I understand correctly no artificial trick is allowed to change the picture, in a word: no photoshop or manipulation whatsoever. Is this correct?

  6. I think you will be interested in the book "The little book of Contemplative photography" by H. Zehr a review of which I published in italian here (


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