Friday, 28 January 2011

Bowing Under the Weight of Snow

Where the trees meet the sky one gets the impression of them bowing to the weather gods.

We are all bowed down with beautiful virgin snow.

The trees are fighting to stand tall and they look even more dignified than ever.

Do you see the three pigeons sitting on the roof? They wait until we are inside before coming down to feed.
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  1. Looks beautiful.... and I know what you mean about the trees, I love how they look all dressed in their winter whites!

  2. The pics are beautiful, but I am totally sick of the S***. We are at record level AND since December 1 we have had 45 overcast days. I am ready to feel the sun on my face.

    Gosh, your house looks like a picture from a Christmas Card!

  3. beautiful trees...waiting...k.

  4. Even I have to admit that snow can be quite pretty - despite my dislike of the stuff!!

  5. Are you having fun playing in the snow with the dogs? Is it spring yet? Nope, just need to wait it out.


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