Thursday, 27 January 2011

Set in Their Daily Routine

We sip tea...
Rusty pups look at us with puppy dog eyes....
Making sure we remember it is that time of day...
The tea cups get placed on the table...
Tails start wagging...
We rise out of our chairs...
And their excitement explodes!
Their pack is off for..

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  1. Such loyal followers!!! And soooo predictable...

  2. I know that expression so well!

  3. Our twins were that way. It got so that we could not say "You Ready" unless it was to go for a walk or a ride in the truck. Once, one of them even jumped in the trunk of my car when I left it open.

    Great Dogs!

  4. A special moment that so captures ecstatic joy! With my two guinea pigs this happens when I bring them a favourite treat which they raise high in the air like miniature elephants' trunks and make for a corner of the cage to 'hog' it!

  5. isn't it funny how dog language is universal, we do "walkies" down here also.
    Little Charlie knows when it's the one day of the month that i go to the Farmers markets and he explodes around the house when i pick up a certain belly bag. Of course he comes too and he gets treats to try.

  6. aaaah - the adoration in those eyes (how I miss it).


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