Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tidal Rhythms

High tides lapping at my neighbour's garden on the Annapolis Basin on a blustery day.

Only three hours later. The line of grey on the top photo is the outer side of the dyke that stops the ocean lapping at our front doors. Hope it holds up for many a long year! The grass to the left of the post is in fact the first dyke built by Champlain by his band of merry Frenchmen way back when.
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  1. how nice to live that close to water...

  2. yikes, i wouldn't want to be that close, esp with global warming and rising sea levels.

  3. How wonderful to live where history was made. And still be able to see a part of it, or at least to identify the spot!!

  4. Hi Penny - thanks for visiting me over home - and one day it would be great to ride the wave over there! I didn't know about it but have since learned - sounds wonderful. I would love to live this close to water. I am emjoying the muted tones of these photos. What lovely colors. Gilly

  5. the rhythms of the tide are far from the forest where I live, and I yearn to see the sea. the sound of the water lapping in the wind would be a peaceful sound. the wall that holds the water must be strong to have held the water for so long.



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