Monday, 4 October 2010

Critter Condos in the Woods

Even dead trees provide an opportunity for woodpeckers to create skyrise condos with woodland views perfect for wintering in.

Basement living becomes warm and snug once covered with a foot of snow. Liable to flood come Spring though.

Ground floor vacancies...already in use.

A hole in a tree stump provides a romantic getaway for those critters who like stargazing.
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  1. dead trees are very important high rise homes here, it's great to see yours and such lovely woody colours...k.

  2. Mum wants to know what sort of trees are they? i can see a pine, i think. what else? k.

  3. We have two dying trees. We topped them to try to keep from having to take them down. I love that the squirrels have nests each year in the hollow top of one. Woodpeckers love the other one. We spend a lot of time watching our critters and do our best to give them a safe place to be.

  4. Too bad the residents were all inside or perhaps on holiday?

  5. Yes - the scariest home I have come across was a bear hole at the base of a tree, and worse was that I wasn't sure how to get back onto a 'safe' path. Panic confuses! I'm getting better though at managing myself in forests. Gilly

  6. Wow, Gilly that would have scared me too! We have black bears on the mountain behind us, but we give each other a wide birth!


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