Friday, 8 October 2010

Memories of a Father

Today is my day for quietly remembering my Dad.
He loved exploring the world and here he is looking over the Isle of Mull.
He was an ink and watercolour artist.
He was a wood turner and I think he was happiest doing just that in his garage, despite the bellows that would come out of there if things weren't going quite right!
Miss you Pops.
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  1. What a very nice, very touching memory. I have many wonderful memories of my dad, too. Kind of a bittersweet blessing.

  2. My dad worked in the steel mills of South Chicago, IL. I think of him often and miss him more than any other person that has left this earth. I think the finest thing I can say of him is that he was a really, truely GOOD man.

    I'm glad you have fond memories of YOUR father too.

  3. Hoping that happy memories are bringing you some joy today.

  4. A beautiful and meaningful photo - I feel content and peaceful looking at it. Did you take it?

  5. a beautiful photo of Dad...k.

  6. Your memories of your Dad must be very special, just as those I have for mine. Who knows, maybe they will meet in heaven.

  7. He was fortunate to have such a loving daughter!

  8. Could you all wrap your Dads around your little fingers like I could?!


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