Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Textured Landscape

The standing stones of Dartmoor stitched a while back above a messy bracken.  Val kindly included it in her latest landscape book.

It is cold here today... no surprise that I was drawn to photograph another warm piece.

Not that Dartmoor is ever warm. Standing stones always look so solid and isolated; but not in this interpretation.

They look like they're having a party...artistic liscence.
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  1. Absolutely yummy. Oh how I want to hold that in my hands and study it up-close-and-personal. It's really beautiful. Love the sparkle the beads add to it!!!

    ;~) Debi

  2. i agree with Debi, can you send it around please so we can all study it in the real - just kidding of course. this is a beautiful study in colour, texture, design, perspective, form, line and use of mixed media. Penny what size is it?
    cheers, k.

  3. I'm with Debi and Kaite - this cries out to be touched and fondled!

  4. The purple in with all those warm tones, is really quite effective. Love it! I may need to steal that colour combo for one of my bead journals. LOL! Congrats for making it into Val's new book!!

  5. Me too, I want to be able to touch it too! :)

  6. Hi Penny - the colours and textures are shining out happiness. Gilly

  7. Amazing detail in such a small package.
    The old saying is true.
    Thanks for a great post

  8. Wow my type of textile them, and dartmoor looks fab and not a baskerville hound in sight!


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