Monday, 6 September 2010

Wind Dancers

Seagulls have been on my mind lately. I've been thinking that they must have loved dancing and surfing the winds recently. This guy was taking a rest between flights. Also on my mind and water. I've been wondering how I would stitch them and do them justice.

This beauty followed us all the way out into the middle of the Bay of Fundy... but not back again. I wonder where he went. While our eyes were on the water looking for mighty whales he was looking for something a bit smaller.

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  1. I know some people just look upon seagulls as being pests but I find them beautiful. Just watching them soaring with the wind is a delight and their feathers are such a brilliant white when you see them up close. Love your pictures!

  2. Oh, the smell of the ocean, the call of the gulls, the eating of garbage (now, where did THAT come from?). Seriously, you make me homesick for the other coast. I agree, great pictures and you'll do a fabulous job on your next sky and water piece. Just don't use the rusty pink! LOL!

  3. that's funny, i was sure i had comented here, oh well, it was late at night and maybe i forgot to wait for the word - did you spot a whale?

  4. Your bird in flight looks perfect, it will be great to see it progress.


  5. What a beautiful flight moment you caught. I'm reminded of the cloth you made of the eagle.

  6. Oh yes, Yvonne, the eagle is still trying to tell me how how his story evolves.


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