Wednesday 29 September 2010

Things Growing Through my Wrappings

Four trees in my woods have been wrapped for over a month now, and not much is happening. My grandmother's sheets are holding up exceptionally well! They are still pristine white and dry despite all the rain. The trees are being protective giants of the cloth! Several fungi are caught under my wrappings and this one has decided to carry on growing through the linen. Oh, yes, and do you see the tiny bit of critter evidence. One wrapped tree is a huge maple and I'm suspicious that a porcupine or squirrel has a winter nest up there 'cos the rusty pups try and climb it every time we pass by. The wraps will be left undisturbed (by me at least) until next June by which time I hope to have many more markings.
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  1. amazing...hope it doesn't create a hole right through the cloth.

  2. this, i will stay with until you arrive at
    June. love the way what is there accomodates
    your experiment...simply including it in
    their world, in their necessity.

  3. Deanna - holes are just fine!

    Grace - in a way it is a tiny demonstration of nature's resilience.


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