Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tanglewood Floor Cover

A wool sports jacket once worn by some man
Was picked up at Frenchy's by a rug hooking friend.
She dyed it and shrunk it
And gave me a piece.

Onto this I felted some fancy wool fibres
Not flat like a pancake; but lumpy and bumpy.
I gathered up threads all autumnal in colour
And began messy stitching the floor of my woods.

The stitching's a pleasure and great fun to do
Because the needle glides through with the greatest of ease.
The start of this piece was a "what if I try"
Working with wool that I'd not done before.
Now I'm wondering on finishes for this piece of wool
Perhaps it needs wetting and blocking out square?
Maybe it needs a border or two?
Maybe stitched cloth or maybe more wool?

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  1. More wool please! Perhaps mixed in with some spiralling hand wrapped braid. Not too tidy, keep it organic! Log and leaf shapes would be nice. Luscious, dark and broody!

  2. And maybe its just perfect how it is.


  3. why am i saying this out loud in a 4/4 rhythm?
    i think it's perfect as is...k.

  4. Beautiful Penny, I like it without a border as well. But it would look very good with one I think. Reminds me of William Morris a bit. G

  5. I love the colours. I love the textures. I really love the grid-like pattern that peeks through of the original piece of wool.

  6. wow.that is stunning. love the colors, too. how about some braided tassels as a border...

  7. I am drooling - all that texture! What if you ask the cloth what it wants? My vote would be to soften the edges with more wool in organic curves.

  8. Oh the possibilities! I'm not going to cast a vote on what you might do next because I like it as it is.

  9. that is yummilicious! It doesn't need any straight edges around the outside- curves and free just like the piece itself

  10. It's very beautiful all by itself but I find myself wanting to go to Grannie's jar full of mother of pearl buttons.

  11. speechless----a discrete sprinkling of bronze beads

  12. Penny
    I'm really enjoying your blog. It is so inspiring to look and see what you are doing. Of course your colours are exciting as usual.

  13. Oh I really, really like this!


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