Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wild Things Turning to Rust

Walking through the wilderness of my garden yesterday, I was intrigued by nature's cycles. Everything is dying back, yet each wild plant abounds in seeds ready to be taken on the wind and continue the invasion of my garden.

These two pics (above) are New England Asters which grow in the wild bits between garden and tangled woods.  Looks like there might be a few more next year.

Of course rusty pups inspected everything with me. Whenever I stop to take a pic this one plonks herself down at my feet.
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  1. Woops, sorry about the typoe. Should have done a spellcheck. Not sure if or how one can go back and edit once it's posted.

  2. I like the rusty flowers but I LOVE the rusty pup!

  3. easy Penny, just go into Edit, but maybe you've found that already. Love those asters, you could make a miniature basket with them, if so inclined. Plonking pups, just keeping you safe in the wild woods. cheers, k.
    ps how funny, the word was ausnest - aussie and basket.

  4. I just wandered onto your blog via searches for autumn images. Your puffball photos, dyeing experiments, and these rusty seeds, are a pleasure to look at.


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