Saturday 18 September 2010

Nature's patterns

Things grow in the unfriendliest of places. These two puffballs appeared on the driveway overnight.

Had to try out those tiny little piramid shapes in stitch.

Started out with a solid pattern in the middle...not too thrilled with that. Found that I preferred to leave gaps and might just leave the drawn outlines around the edges.
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  1. Very nice! Now I challenge you to do them 3-D!!!!!! LOL! Surely there's something in that dusty old Manipulating Fibres book (as in The Art of.....). I wonder where I put my copy? Hmmmmm....

  2. Hi there Penny - your embroidery looks fantastic. I love your colour choice, combined with your design, and then relating that back to nature. Beautiful work. Gilly

  3. Those are a bit different looking puffballs than we have here - ours have more of a smooth outside and are SOOOOOO good (soaked in milk and then fried in butter and a little bit of garlic...yum).

  4. Such delicious texture! No wonder you are exploring it in stitch and I like how it goes from solid to spaced to space!

  5. You are so quick, they're a delight...k.

  6. Love love love the texture of those puff balls and the creation you were inspired to make!!

  7. AM - I'm looking for my dog-eared copy of that book.

    Gilly - nature provides the best of everything, including designs.

    MA - I opened my puffballs up and there was nothing but millions of spores - not very apetizing!

    Kaite - I'm wondering whether to take up AM on her 3D challenge!

    Dreamer - thanks for visiting! Everything in nature is amazing.

  8. Hi Penny
    I am really enjoying your photos. They are inspiring me while we are on our travels. I am also trying to take some inspiration photos.
    I am also enjoying doing my travel blog.
    Happy stitching, Sharon

  9. Penny, I just noticed your gallery in the sidebar and had a look - wow! Especially love the first grey one with the stones which seems to undulate.

  10. Beautiful. I love how you are able to incorporate shapes and colours of nature in your work, Penny.


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