Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Progress.....Perhaps.....Perhaps Not!

Earlier this year I wrote a post 'Searching New Beginnings'
I thought you would like to see how some of those
pieces have changed.
This one changed 
from this
then this
Quite a journey so far.
It might change again
but I am trying to keep it simple.

This one hasn't been through quite so many transitions.
It started off like this....

If you recall, I have to make five pieces.

Haven't decided on this one yet.
It is quite different from the first two.
What I like is the lighter streaks
showing up against the lace.
But not much else yet!

Also not sure about this one.
Being surrounded by snow
I had been thinking of bringing in some colour
perhaps not!

Think I should perhaps take another look at this collection of greys.
Taking time to reconsider.
Tiny steps in one direction then another.
Moving slowly from one piece to another will hopefully make them
a cohesive grouping...
Which they are not yet!

Have a nice day!


  1. I'm sure that useful ideas will come to you soon!

  2. I would have so much trouble with this 'assignment' because I'm so drawn to the dyed designs that I wouldn't want to 'mess' with them. I love their natural look. However, as most of us would agree, there's always room for embellishment *smile*

  3. the piece with lace...skeletal. like an x-ray. and in the next picture.

  4. Sometimes it's a one step forward, two steps back process and then suddenly it will come together. I love watching your dance of creation.


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