Monday, 13 November 2017

Can a Stone be a Cloud?

Dimpled blemishes
for a dumpling of a pebble.

Don't you think this little thing
looks like it would rather be a mouse
scurrying through the grasslands in the background!

If a stone could be a cloud
this one would surely be one.

This one really tickles my fancy
perhaps because it is lying on a watery background
it seems to me it looks like Noah's arc.
Or perhaps a pair of clogs!

Such unusual markings
I haven't come across another like this.
Makes me think how individual we all are.
Each one marked differently by our life experiences.

Now, this individual is fed up and
wanting to exit stage left!
A bit lopsided...the photograph that is.

My favourite this week.
Just a little slither of a stone.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Returning to an Old Friend

This week I picked up an old piece and popped it into the hoop
it is like welcoming back an old friend
Feels good

A few months ago I had decided it needed a rest.
The excitement had gone out of our relationship!
I had lost interest
and there I had other commitments for the show in Yarmouth.

This week it called out to me
and I am happy to be involved again.
My ideas for this piece and stitching in general
 have evolved over the last few months.
Taking a break has done us the world of good!
As a result I am thinking it will be a much better piece.
Our relationship is strong again.

Wishing you a close relationship with your fabric and thread!

Happy Birthday to Handy Hubby!
Gee whizz
both of us nearly forgot.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

It's That Time of Year....

....When yellow grasses edge the marshlands
and breaks in the clouds above
light up orange hillsides.

....When fields, that not many days ago
were crowded with Canada Geese
resting on their journey southwards,
are now empty.

....When Mother Nature plays the drama queen
in a final attempt to keep Summer's colour in our lives.

....When cottonwool clouds scud across the sky
driven by warm winds from the south.

....When we have to memorize
that lime green of summer
and bear in mind it will be back.
That is for sure!

....When our beloved Rusty Pups turn another year older.
They are Halloween babies
and are ten years old now.
My goodness
Can you believe it!
They had just turned one
when I started on this blogging adventure.

Thank you all for baring with me!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Rockin' and Rollin' Along With More Stones


More rustiness....
What is it about rust
that seems to catch my attention
when wandering stoney shorelines?

I used to stitch with machine
as well as hand
and lots and lots of colour.
People from here
who did not know me then
are so surprised when they see an older piece.
For some reason they see me only as a
grey/brown person!

The wild holly bushes
are weighed down with red berries this Fall
A harbinger of a hard Winter ahead?
The Newfoundland Robins will pass through
and feast on them
as will the deer when the snow is deep.
Brrr! Surely they would rather be warm
as would I!

Speckled grey
Reminds me the soft greys and browns of Winter
will soon replace Fall's
rich reds and oranges.

My favourite this week
Adorned with just a simple grey circle
we had a glorious yellow full moon last week.

Brings to mind wintery tweeds.
Funny how Winter is popping into every
comment this week.
It really is quite beautifully mild here!

This grey beauty
smooth to the touch
comfortably fills the palm of my hand.

'The Pebble in the brook secretly believes itself to be a precious stone'
Japanese saying

Let's all believe!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Stone Markings for Halloween

Marking a grey stone with rusty coloured threads
One of my favourite colour combinations.

 Strange shape
Strange markings
Perhaps appropriate.... it being Halloween today.

Don't you think that stone
looks like a piece of crumpled paper?
It looks more delicate than my heavy handed interpretation
in this photograph.

And how about looking at the world upside down?
A boomerang from an Australian point of view!

This was fun
A bit like Tiptoeing over a brown speckled egg.

Considering the background painting,
I wish I had stitched my marks with rust again.

Have a great day
Put your mark on it!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A Week of Mark Making With Needle and Paintbrush

Gentle Grey
Gentle Soul
Gentle thoughts
My favourite for this week.

Last week I had the privilege of participating
in a workshop given by Leya Evelyn.
Thank you Leya

 How does a stone get a gentle glow of a mark like that?

the secondary marks I made
(only five insignificant stitches)
must have been on the other side of this one!

Love that single black speck of a mark.

Slice of pie

And at some time in it's life
someone took a bite out of this one.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Counting Stones

This pretty little flat stone is number 281.
That's if my math is right.
I don't have that many fingers!

Moving right along to a speckled ruby red.

What.....more pink!
I'm liking this one.

Another case of Nature stitching marks
way more beautifully than I.

Random rusting

I am really fond of rust stained rocks.

A mammoth of a stone.
Makes me think of a Nautilus.
Well, it is kind of fossil like.

This week Diane, Grace, Sherry and I
went down to Ste. Anne University
on the French Shore
where Nadine and another Diane
taught us about silk screen printing.
Oh, well
There is obviously a lot more to learn!

This week Handy Hubby and I received our flu shots
Now Handy Hubby has the flu!
Or at least a reaction to the needle.

78 stones to go.
Happy stitching

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Playing Catch-up after Friend-filled Thanksgiving

We gathered friends around us and celebrated Thanksgiving.
Thank you all for enriching our lives.

Now I'm playing Stone Pathways catchup.

Wonder if stones enjoy the company of friends too.

Or are they lonesome creatures

despite spending their lives

surrounded by millions of others
along rocky shorelines.

I simply love this one!