Monday 18 December 2017

Of Stones and Butterflies

Slowly but surely
I am sewing butterfly quilts
for the grand girls

an old, old pattern
I have always loved

I have never had the opportunity
to make this pattern

My children were all boys
But now I have grand girls
and I am excited to spend a couple of years
making butterflies!
It will take me that long
because I am taking my time
No rush
they are just wee babes for now.

This fall my friend Lynda gave me
a simply enormous rock.
I didn't want to leave it out
I sewed two squares together
 tucked a tiny pebble in one corner

....and let the giant of a rock
fill the rest of any available space.
Thank you, Linda.


  1. That's a cracker of a rock, well worth a couple of squares and a lot of time!

  2. The rock is most impressive. I do love the glimpses of the butterflies. Lucky grand girls.

  3. Whoa! That's some rock. And...I'll have to remember that butterfly quilt if I ever have grandchildren. (Assuming girls...) ;-)

  4. That's a rock with unique surface features.
    Your stitching does it justice.
    And of course the butterfly blocks are a beautiful

  5. Love your are so talented.

  6. That big rock! Love your stitchy version!

    Pink. I got nothing but pink!

  7. Another great set of rocks. The butterflies who came to visit the rocks are also lovely.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the butterfly quilts but there's no hurry! Glad you were able to work the big rock and the teeny little one into the same that.


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