Monday 11 December 2017

December Stones

Red to me is a Christmas colour
and because it is fast approaching
I sought out a red background
despite stones generally being soft greys and beiges.

Kind of a plain Jane stone
a contrast to all the Christmas lights
appearing everywhere

Christmas gifts are on their way
to the grand babies
It would be so much better to deliver them in person
but travelling at Christmastime is not my favourite
thing to do.
Some stones appear seem to be wearing winter hats

To me this is a funky snow capped stone
or perhaps a stone of Canadian origin
wearing his wintery took!

A rock couldn't get more Christmassy
being made of velvet
and wearing red garlands!

Christmas red
pathways across a smooth rock.

Snow has fallen just about everywhere in Canada
but here it has only managed a few slushy flakes
amidst the raindrops. 

I hope your Christmas preparations are going well.


  1. I must admit that, when everyone else is travelling is a very good time to be home!

  2. Love your stones, but LOVE the background too !!!
    Have a "warm" December month !

  3. All those soft grays and tans - favorite colors. Warm and soothing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your red background and your stones are great. Like the one that looks like an iced Christmas pud! I like the first one and the plain jane too. xx

  5. I have fun looking at all your stones and trying to see something in them....this time I 'saw' the side of a dinosaur head in the 5th photo. Funny how I can see things in stones but ink blots absolutely confound me.

    1. i was thinking cave paintings, but dinosaur works too...{smile}

  6. a fav. thing..looking at stones, clouds, shells to see things in them
    you make it art!
    better than racing cars

  7. How. How can a rock have two halves like that? Was it once part of a huge slab, one substance poured onto the other, broken like peanut brittle, then tumbled for a billion years?

    Penny you hold our planets history in your hands with every re-creation.


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