Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fourteen Days Scratched

Fourteen whole days

Doctor's visit

I spied a humming bird
so quickly brewed up some sweet nectar
and hung the feeders out

Rusty Pup, Rusty Pup, Fox

Cleaning up the studio
some scraps came in handy

Just stitching

Diane and I flying to Ohio and renting a car

The first marks I made in class were something like this.

Tuesday was a stitching day...we were to stitch in white but there were some rebels in the flass!
Then on Wednesday we used tjantings to make lines on black cotton.

We marked fabric in many ways including burning holes.
On Friday we all went to the opening of Quilt National
Three students in our class had pieces there
and Brooke won best in show.
So very exciting.

Saturday we flew back to Nova Scotia arriving after midnight
That was one long day!
Finally on Sunday we made tracks back to our patient husbands.


  1. What a delightful scratched cloth Penny....

    ...you'll have a whole house full of stitched memories to keep you company when you are 106 years old!! :-)

    x C

  2. My goodness, what a busy fortnight!

  3. Penny, your scratchings are an inspiration...

  4. Every scratch...every photo elicits a powerful response and I begin composing a comment...but before I type it...the next one depicts something just as worthy of comment!!! Wonderful, just wonderful!

  5. A prodigious amount of stitching -- and lots of fun besides! What could be better.

  6. Love the 'rusty pup, rusty pup, fox' section!


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