Monday 3 June 2013

Scratched |Recovery

It's been a week of recovery
Recovery through sleep...
Can't believe how much!
Recovery of scraps from the cutting room floor
as we prepare the house for summertime visitors.

The red one tickles my fancy!
Red dots from my mother's scraps
Red bow tie is all that remains of a Rusty pup toy
Red threads were a workshop sample from years back
and Red legs just appeared.

Just scraps stitched in place

I am indeed very fond of the simple blanket stitch
and the herringbone
and the cretan stitch of course.
What I should have depicted was the merlin babies
who are shakily sitting on branches with their parents
and learning how to hunt.
They wake us in the morning
and call goodnight at dusk.
So interesting to watch
but I miss all the smaller song birds.
However, the humming birds haven't been chased away
and they are busily emptying both feeders.


  1. Recovery always seems to require more sleep than you expect, doesn't it!

  2. Isn't that something, though, that word got out far and wide where the merlins were nesting! I'd miss the little ones, too. The forest here is full of warblers this time of year, so enchanting! Love all the stitches - little tracks.

  3. Always love your scratchings - always something to inspire. Glad you are recovering nicely :)


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