Thursday, 18 October 2012

Walking before Breakfast

Rosehips heavy with early morning dew

A little bit of red in the middle of the path
probably dropped by someone
as they ran for shelter as the RP's approached

The long necked one is out there every morning
fishing on the mudflats

for his breakfast.

Many leaves have fallen
but lots more to come


  1. Lovely to see those bright accents against the stone and the sky!

    1. The mornings are getting colder and closing in here. How's the weather over your way?

  2. Thanks once again for taking us on your morning walk -- I always love seeing what you see on your daily wanderings.

    1. The walks are having to start later and later each morning as the sun gets more and more reluctant to risse on these colder mornings!

  3. I think the trees all must get together and take a vote and decide to drop their leaves all at the same time. They're so beautiful and then it seems that they all fall overnight.


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