Monday, 24 January 2011

Two Beginnings

In her Boro workshop, Jude has introduced the idea of weaving ombre style.....  

and I'm find this fascinating.

Today we had to venture out in a windy snowstorm and REALLY cold temperatures...
to the Dentist of all places.  
In his waiting room I started stitching on the rusty gate... 
My plan is not to add to the design and complicate things, 
but to add the texture of simple stitch...

This will be a slow meditative piece.
So far I am liking the narrow trails being left between the rows of stitch.
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  1. These simple rows of stitching (and the space in between) are lovely.

  2. loving that rusty gate. amazing how just stitching can add so much appeal. i'm itching to try the ombre but i don't want to wind up with a bunch of pieces that just sit in a pile. i'm trying to 'limit' and 'finish' this year, but i love the ones you have shown.

  3. penny...the blue is close to
    the "diagonal" i want to look for.
    THANKS for will help
    me a lot!

  4. I love the colours in your weavings- you have (as always) brought vivacity to cloth. Gilly

  5. Yes, I too like the trails between the rows... - allows the fabric to breathe...

  6. so simple and so beautiful and l am sure it helped to pass the time away while at dentist's. Hope it was not too painfulxxlynda

  7. yes i can see that little path, i should take a wander along it...or plant some trees beside it...k.

  8. HI Penny,

    I love the narrow spaces and the stitching!

  9. "...a slow meditative piece", isn't that always the very best kind?

  10. Love the two woven pieces!
    The other one with the stitches is promissing you do the stitching in a hoop??

  11. The few rows of stitch I've managed to do so far are a bit too pale looking at a distance. I want to make the trails between stitches more of a feature. Off to look for more colour in my threads.

  12. Beautiful minimalist stitching, Penny.
    And, I was also very fascinated by your miksang photography - lovely.

    So looking forward to next week!!!


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