Monday, 10 January 2011


Remember the bright red cardinal?

This is the female's more subtle colouring.

And talking of red....
We only have the smaller red squirels in these parts...

Well, they are usually smaller.
This little one is getting fat stealing from the bird feeders!
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  1. hi Penny, i like the female cardinal's colouring, less showy, more my style. thanks for the pic, k.

  2. Such beautiful wildlife...I love the little squirrels and the female cardinal with her flush of red is beautiful!

    Jacky xox

  3. We have gray squirrels and black. Pretty sure I have one in my crawl space. :(

  4. That fat little red squirrel is just so cute. The white eye ring makes his eyes look even bigger. He would be a wonderful character for a story, don't you think?

  5. Kaite and Jacky: yes the females are beautiful in their more subtle colours.
    Deb: Don't let him anywhere near any wiring!

  6. Where one cardinal goes, the other is never far away. I love the different sounds of their call.

    As for the squirrel, it looks pretty cute there, but not so much when it's digging up your flowers in the pot. Perhaps not in your area, but certainly around here. Of course, the bird seed is quite another thing. Squirrel buster feeders are all the rage. Somehow those little devils still seem to get more than their fair share.

  7. never saw a red squirrel. sure is striking. i love the coloring of the female cardinal.

  8. Very healthy looking wildlife! I feel nostalgic for the cardinals...there were some in Ohio...a gift for our sight...

  9. they look sort of unreal, as if someone has painted them..or exotic..say hello to rusty pups from rusty elvira
    she's such a handfull, I can't imagine two of them

  10. that red bird is amazing, the male birds are always so showy. thanks for showing us


  11. there is a woman who writes:
    Pattiann Rogers.
    The Expectations of Light
    1981 Princeton University Press

    i can never see a cardinal without thinking of her words from
    Suppose Your Father Was a Redbird:

    "Suppose his body was the meticulous layering of graduated down which you studied early.
    Rows of feathers increasing in size to the hard-splayed Wine-gloss tips of his outer edges.

    Suppose before you could speak, you watched the slow spread of his wing over and over, the appearance of that invisible appendage,
    the unfolding transformations of his body to the airborne, and you followed his departure again and again, learning to distinguish the red microbe of his being far into the line of the horizon".....
    and it goes on.
    we don't have them in New Mexico.


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