Thursday, 6 January 2011

Of Trees and Triangles

Some trees prefer to grow above the moon
where the cosmic winds swirl around them
and through them.
Some faces could be triangles, but upside down,
with palm trees growing above.

Twiggy collections are dotted around my home.
Mostly little driftwood pieces from the beach.
For years I've wanted to include them in my work;
but my fabrics were too bright.
Now that I have soft natural-dyed cottons and linens
perhaps I have a home for them.
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  1. love the trees no matter where they appear...

  2. I look forward to seeing if some driftwood finds its way into your work.... I miss driftwood from the sea, but I do get a bit at the river.

  3. I love the upside down triangular face!

  4. Oh, the driftwood is lovely and I just know you'll find something beautiful to do with it - matching soft fabric and twisted, polished wood.

  5. those trees are saying look up because the sun and moon are around us all the time if we stop and see

  6. or the moon perhaps prefers to sail below the tree line? k.

  7. The moon below the trees, the triangle becoming a face...I like it all.

    Beautiful stitching and I love your driftwood.

    Jacky xox

  8. the dimension on that little cloth is grand!

  9. I thought the moon was a reflection in water that was running in front of the trees. Maybe there are trees on the moon (or at the very least on Mars?)

  10. oh the anticipation of the twigs
    and soft guess is that
    it is happening as i write this...
    am watching...
    and...each twig would have within it the dream of its treeness, yes?

  11. gorgeous colors there -- much like the planet Earth. really like it!

  12. penny, I've got the companion twigs resting around my home- maybe one of them is from the same tree?
    I do love the wavy parts of your cloth
    may this be a happy and joyous year!

  13. How did I miss this one? The cloth is lovely (but I always expect that) and the your rusty iron spirit is a wonderful surprise. I'd be collecting wood too if I was anywhere near the water. Somehow the landlocked wood bits are not nearly as interesting as waterwashed. I do have a couple of nice driftwood pieces on my balcony though, courtesy of last year's trip up north.


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