Sunday, 17 October 2010

Dancing Trees

My time for blogging starts before the sun comes up. I sit looking west through windows where crystals dangle to warn the birds.

As the sun rises in the East, trees start dancing in the skies above the mountain ridge.

As the sun travels higher in the sky a soft glow, or perhaps reflexion off a band of clouds, always appears just behind the mountain ridge. That's where the Bay of Fundy is.
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  1. good morning Penny, it's good bedding down under here now. I can see where you get your dancing trees ideas from, they look like spirit trees to me. A morning delight. thanks for showing us, k.

  2. so what if trees could dance? ha. remember?

  3. To what music do they dance?

  4. it's pure energy, healing energy


  5. Martine, I reckon they dance to the music of the wind and rain and ocean.

    Well I never, Jude, I didn't think you would remember! And you too Kaite!

    Yvette, They are my guardians and protectors.

  6. Woohoo Penny. I look forward so much to your posts. Bay of Fundy is getting more and more interesting. Gilly


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